Our Story

After landing on a report from the office of the President of the Republic of Uganda that states that clearly lists the challenges faced by Ugandan farmers including but not limited to; low production, low ratio of about 1 extension worker to 50,000 farmers, poor transport, primitive agricultural practices, Anthony Nata & Bonny Aloka decided to use their knowledge to come out with a strategy to deal with some of these challenges hence improving the lives of farmers and other key players like a supplier of agri-inputs, financial institutions that deal with farmers.

The team, therefore, decided to build on their existing knowledge and experiences by brainstorming some ideas about boosting Uganda’s agricultural sector through efficient service and information delivery to all actors within the ecosystem using ICT solutions.

Through EzyFarm App, EzyFarm Ventures Ltd is improving agriculture by digitizing agricultural value chains to enable transform the substantial farmers of Uganda to commercial farmers and other agribusinesses to access high-quality production and marketing services.

To bridge the gap of service delivery, EzyFarm is supplemented by the e-VAM (Electronic Village Agent Model) a service delivery model in which community-based service providers equipped with smartphones, extension service tools and skills, readily to deliver services on demand by the farmers in the village they live.

Why Choose EzyFarm?

  • Great customer service with regular followup by the EzyField operators.
  • Credit extension service provision payable at the end of the season.
  • High quality & offline content to enable farmers offer self extension services.
  • Guaranteed market through the contract farming approach.
  • Great extension provision with a rate your provider feature.
  • High quality seeds and other agri-inputs.
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Passion & Hunger

We work with zealous people who can help us to eradicate ‘Hunger for All’


We want to allow for easy traceability & accountability by agricultural key players.


We believe in the power of simple innovation to solve local problems.

Speed & Reliability

We know and embrace the power of fast & reliable platform.


We embrace excellence in order to create better ways of doing the what we do.


We do not only comply with regulations & good business practices but we are also honest, reliable, and trustworthy people.


An agricultural ecosystem that works for farmers and those who serve them with the aim of eradicating poverty among small holder farmers.

EzyFarm operates to deliver service and solutions to our farmers that will empower them with the information needed to produce superior aqua-life, improve crop production, and the hardware and systems that will improve on farm productivity and decision making.

  • Data Clustering
  • Analysing Dimension
  • Association
  • Sequential patterns
  • Extract and maintain data
  • Store and analyze



We are currently looking for a passionate female business guru.